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Where Did Culture Come From And Does It Really Matter?

It started with a shower thought...

All great stories stem from a thought.

A few weeks ago I was having a wonderful conversation with my father on our lineage. We were able to discover our great ancestors resided in Nalchik as well as a definitive split from Bukhara.

This drove me to a mental catharsis [not a bad state] of a deep dive did it all begin? (a cultural view)

I'm coming to a realization that culture stems from the union that one Man [male or female] and God (essence) come into contact. Sounds a bit far fetched...but hear me out.

A culture is birthed only when the unity of God (essence) is discovered.

Egyptians: Menes uncovered the unity. Egyptians discovered man can get into the divine state. You have Menes, you have Egypt.

You have Vedas, you have the Aryans.

You have the Yellow Emperor, you have China.... You have Lao Tzu have another China. (Evolution within the system)

Same is true with Moses.

Same is true with Jesus.

Same is true with Muhammad.

It seems to always be fueled with the discovery of that unity.

And surprise, it can occur on smaller microcosmic levels within said societies.

But Man remains, truly, an intricate microcosm in its own right.'s what I deeply need to state.

We need the formation of Global Unity, a Global Shift, a Global Connection With "It".

Dear humanity,

We are one.

We are one body.

Every part of this body holds equal importance because in an organism there is no one thing more important than another.

It may be difficult to see this body growing up.

We have not been aware that this body has taken his own time to manifest into its fullest size.

We must not be so attached to our own particular societies.

Our countries.

Our _____ [fill in the blank]

We must become more universal and deeply see that this planet, in its entirety, belongs to us.

Now hear this...

Our primary duty as human beings is to see that our fellow human beings also get what we have.

And until human beings are responsible for the entire humanity, they are not yet completely responsible for themselves.

Don't just be selfish and take for yourself...take with the feeling that you are a channel to flow.

Don't just be a damn container to be filled just for the sake of being filled...there is a limit that way my dear.


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