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What Lies Between Right & Wrong?

The Law Of Three Has Been Forgotten But We Can See It Occur In Nature...Can't We?

"She's The Love Of My Life."

Now now...this is an OUT THERE topic but my hope is to break this down in a way that we all can understand.

You're Right. You're Wrong. Thats Bad. Thats Good. Imperfect. Perfect. Liberal. Republican. Far Right. Far Left. Gay. Straight. Progressive. Radical.....And On And On And On...

Instead of society looking at a dialectic reference to everything that is happening (see the above list of words - I'm sure we can literally go on and on), may I introduce the concept of trialectics.

The Law Of Three (sounds magical doesn't it) is taking a peak at the middle component often missed in the modern day movements within this century.

This law was introduced through the work of Gurdjieff as a rule stating that every manifestation is the result of three forces, which may be called active, passive, and neutralizing.

Think of it as Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, and Holy Neutralizing. Think of it as First Force, Second Force, and Third Force.

For all my yogi's out there familiar with Vedanta, think Gunas

Creation in a sense lies upon this trifecta to produce a said total phenomena.

Take a plaintiff [holy affirming], the defendant [holy denying], and the judge [holy neutralizing]. These three, though an occurrence deemed as law, produce the total phenomenon, the settlement of a dispute.

Take the total phenomenon that is a City, a Culture, an atom, a human being. Forces are at play in the context of a trialectic point of view for these phenomena to occur.

When the three forces meet, a dance of creation takes place, a thread of manifestation in the tapestry of life develops in which third force in one event becomes active force in the next event - for the three forces shift with respect to one another as they go about weaving and braiding the thread of occurrences.

So please people, cultures, groups, states, countries, and all in between, look at the subtle space between the dualities and there you'll find the sequencing to the total phenomena that is occurring.


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