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The Subtle Art Of Forgiveness The World Has Forgotten

Have you ever been hurt?

Have you ever felt anger?

Have you ever walked out of a room feeling enraged due to someone else making you feel a specific way?

Please allow me to tell you this.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then I want to congratulate my dear are human.

An acquaintance, I'll give him the name Jack, years ago had a falling out with another friend, I'll give him the name Marc.

Jack had a falling out years ago due to something that Marc triggered within him.

There was anger within Jack and he stormed out of a room due to a conversation that did not go as harmonious as he expected it to always be.

Jack and Marc no longer communicated with each other. That relationship dissolved.

A solution is available for us all to tap into if a situation like this occurred in your life.

Fast forward years later Jack still does not communicate with Marc.

Jack is holding on to the moment that inflated anger within him, the moment that sparked anger inside, and the moment that triggered hurt deeply.

Jack is unable to transcend the image that he's accepted that Marc will be permanently. He is holding Marc to a substandard reality, years later, attempting to believe that he is exactly the same being that he was in that conversation.

It doesn't work that way.

With distance and time comes personal evolution, moments of growth, and drops of enlightenment.

Despite the fact that Marc changed, grew, became, Jack must let go of the man that hurt him years ago and find compassion & curiosity to see him again, from a new point in time.

Jack will never be able to see the person he's blossoming into because he's holding on to the image of the man that made him feel hurt and angry in a singular moment of time.

Love will continue to live and flourish when giving and forgiving occur. Yet if the Self stays, then only getting and preconceived notions will persist.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetfulness but rather to check oneself regarding the space the spark began.

Forgiveness is not the acceptance of injustice nor a reason to keep things the way they always have been nor does not eliminate the need for mutual communication.

Dialogue is necessary for change. By ignoring healing you will not arrive.

Forgiveness is not a moment as the situation that sparked the chain of events leading to the ability to forgive. Forgiveness is a process that starts within and is then rippled to the outside world.

"We must abandon completely the notion of blaming the past for any kind of situation we're in and reverse our thinking and see that the past always flows back from the present. That now is the creative point of life. So you see its like the idea of forgiving somebody, you change the meaning of the past by doing that..."

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