• Ibrahim Sharkas

The Students BIGGEST Dilemma To Learning

I'll keep this short.

As a student, always and forever, I’ve come to grips with a certain plight that most will encounter throughout their journey of knowledge.

The predicament that will introduce its self is subjective learning.

Here’s what I mean.

Have you ever been in a lecture, a seminar, or even therapy where your teacher, lecturer, or facilitator is in the process but they say a sentence that sets your subjectivity radar off?

You’re doing your due diligence to receive the entire message however that one fraction of the teaching sets you off astray. You become so far off course that the synthesis of the entirety teaching become shifted from the premise of where it originated from the teacher.

To go beyond subjective learning comes to a simple state of awareness. Coming into a state of clarity to the habits of your mindset that arise on your pursuit of knowledge.

The steps to gaining awareness is to develop silence in your life. Whether through meditation or another variety of practices to enhance the life of a student, as we remain one forever, will only enhance the synthesis of knowledge that enters.

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