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One Human - Three Brains: A Medical Mystery or True Reality?

Has Mans image been shattered into pieces, time and time again?

Have ancestral models of understanding been fully omitted from emerging data and psychological models?

Let's take a holistic - integrated view of the matter at large.

Intellect - Emotive - Instinctual is the basis of this mechanistic being.

To say that we only have one way of processing, one way of taking something in, or one methodology of integrating a phenomena that presents itself along our path is preposterous.

I'd like you to take a look at this way of processing.

Let's say a female is encountering a body dysmorphic tendency to view her "love handles" (some call this a "muffen-top") as a burden on the total image of herself. Her mind views the reflection of her body as ugly, imperfect, and not correct to the standard that society has obstructed her will.

This women eventually loses the "love handles" and no longer can see this part of the body as it was before. What occurs now when she views the reflection in the mirror is stretch marks on her stomach which present the same pain that the "love handles" presented before.

She used a Instinctual methodology, went to the gym to workout and lose weight causing the "love handles" to disappear, but the Intellect brain, the mental perspective that has absorbed the societal viewpoint causing the spark of the body dysmorphic perspective, has never been resolved hence the body based issue shifted to the stretch marks.

Humans have the capacity to shift and develop resolutions between the brains.

If an Emotive (emotional intelligence) issue sparks but you utilize a Instinctual (body based intelligence) method to resolve it, nothing shall be healed and integrated.

Take a couple who had an argument on finances but instead of resolving the issue on an Intellect level, they both went to the gym to workout.

The workout may have "cooled" them down but the heat is still present and felt because the generation of the issue stemmed from the intellect and not Instinctual.

I present this way or outlook of thinking, a shifted perspective, for the sole purpose of you, the magnificent human being that you are, to develop a new level of awareness.

As a new level of awareness begins to take sight of the body in this "new" way, every argument, every issue, and every time the "ego" sparks, you'll view it from the point necessary to allow true healing as well as an integration to take place.

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