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My Deepest Desire Is......

This took 30 years to be let out.

We must be living in such a poor place in the Universe from our current state of evolution.

My deepest desire in life comes to one word. Service.

In a Westernized System designed and structured to take from all sources, I see the path of true devotion through the lens of service. Give To Get ~ Give To Become.

Throughout my entire life, I can see that I, either by fate or chance, entered fields of giving towards humanity.

Whether that be working with "at-risk" adolescent youth, assisting the largest homeless family shelter in the Southwest, giving my time to individuals on the path to serving humanity to the highest degree...or most importantly

...acting as a channel of communication with everyone I meet, allowing a flow to happen between us and through us.

Every action I take has been given the due diligence to be threaded with love and blessed with good intentions, not to proselytize a theology, belief, or way...but to allow Divinity to come in, peace, and understanding.

My true calling in life is to serve humanity for the achievement of Its greater good. Not through a book or a teaching but as a physical reminder through communication, as a channel between you and I, that at the core of your being lies a truth beyond any truth that is outside.

"Good Books Can Guide You But It's Your Heart That Defines You."

Call this service coaching, therapeutic, meditative, counseling, or anything else of the matter. I see it as holding space for my brothers and sisters called humanity.

I look forward to continuously supporting any one I cross paths with.

I look forward to the discoveries that occur when we meet.

I look forward to always standing in the awareness that though the laws which govern this reality appear objective and based upon a dialectic model, I vow to always remember and remind that cosmic laws inevitably lead to the creation of organic life, and Life itself, like all natural phenomena, fulfills a said cosmic purpose. For anyone who is at a point in their life that feels they don't have a reason to exist nor a purpose, I want to remind them of this, forever and always.

Thank you for reading. I'm here for you.

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