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How One Weekend Changed The Direction Of My Life Forever

Throughout my entire life I have had two constants appear.

  • My curiosity for seeking what's beyond "this".

  • My curiosity in questioning everything in life.

Ever since I could remember, I've had a thirst for books, a craving for knowledge, and a deep connection into all that is labeled mysterious, occult, or esoteric.

I wanted to know who I really was and why am I truly here.

Can you relate?

From examining theological lineages and teachings to investigating orders and schools that deem their practices "enlightening" or "mystical". Throughout these countless times nothing has ever been able to guide me, teach me, or show me the answers to the questions I've always had.

There was a stent of my life that I was a freelancer in the world of videography. I'd have the opportunity to work with clients across the states to film testimonials, product videos, and create content for their brands. The freedom to get paid to creatively express myself was wonderful.

One client of mine knew I was traveling to Southern California. He knew that I've always had a fascination with "inner work" and have had a curiosity with the ultimate question that many of us face...who am I and why am I here.

He put me in communication with Dr. Carlos Warter and from there we scheduled a time to meet during my trip.

Enjoying the perfect weather and picturesque drive to his home, I finally arrived to PARDES.

Arriving at the gates of his home, Dr. Warter walked up to me and gave me a loving hug, graciously greeting me for the first time. I felt such a warmth as if I knew him for years.

As he gave me a tour of this lovely property, it brought me back to when I was volunteering and giving my time to a biodynamic farm in Southwestern Vermont called Odyana Khandro Ling, which translates to Holy Garden of Angels or Sacred Land of Sky Dancers.

The ecological preservation of this land alone can be seen as sacred from the lens of anyones perspective.

After walking the land we had an opportunity to chat. From this conversation began my entrance to his retreats.

I could never fully put into words what these retreats have served in my life.

It goes far beyond healing.

It goes far beyond understanding.

It goes far beyond any knowledge I've encountered.

To say what these retreats are in words would truly do a disservice to the discourse and "inner work" that occurs in a span of a few days.

I'm forever grateful for what I've received at these retreats and seminars.

I will never forget the love that I've seen and received from the community that attends and Dr. Carlos Warter.

The practicality of the knowledge I've received can only compare to 50 years of therapy accomplished in the span of a weekend.

Dear Reader,

If you were ever in a position that you deeply knew there was more to life than going to college, getting a 9 to 5 career, get married, buy a house, and retire before your death...

If you were ever in a position that you've questioned who am I and why am I here...

If you ever thought that there was more to life than "this"...

I want to personally extend an invitation to come to a retreat to experience the healing I saw with my eyes and the shift that my heart experienced, eternally.

If this article impacted you in any way I'd love to have a conversation. Email me at

Forever in Gratitude & Love, to My Teacher and Dear Friend, Dr. Carlos Warter.

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