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How I Controlled The Voice In My Head & Found “Self-Help” That Actually Worked

Does this sound familiar?

Every Sunday before the “work week” starts your anxiety is over the roof and you can feel the onset of a panic attack creeping up.

You hate your job, it’s making you absolutely miserable, and you know that if you leave, find someplace else, you’ll end up hating it too because you have no f*cking clue what you want to do in life.

The daily grind chews you up and spits you out that every night you’d feel the urge to cry in the fetal position, wishing that someway somehow it all comes to an end so you’d finally be free.

I see you, I hear you, and I fully understand even more than you think.

A few years back I was that guy.

I’d feel all the said above plus an immense shame for even having the urge to ask for help.

I mean why would I ask for help if all I heard growing up was “be a man”, “this is part of life and always will be”, or my personal favorite “just grow up already”.

Can you relate?

Look, in no part of this article will I be selling you on a concept, forcing you to start a yoga practice, buy some mala beads to wear around your neck, and repeat a mantra in a language you’ve never heard to calm those voices inside your head…


I’d like to share the stupid simple trick that shifted my entire life around that no one self-help expert or guru could tell me.

You ready for it…?


Not too long ago I’ve read that the reasoning behind depression is a lack of expression which leads to deep forms of repression. [can you say that 5x’s fast…I double dare you]

Silly right…but hear me out.

How many times have you been buried so deep over you head that you get…well…stuck up in there [I mean inside your head]

That little voice is telling you soooo much bullshit that the life you’ve lived once in full blissed out color was looking duller by the minute.

It’s all a mind shift.

I’m the type of guy that would represse a lot….and i mean a lot.

If I’m in a conversation and someone is looking for feedback I’d say “I’m processing right now…I’ll share with you later”

Guess what always happens….


I’d give myself the excuse that I can’t put into words exactly what I’m feeling right now.

I accepted this truth for over 20 years of my life… and it never really worked for me.

It wasn’t until I bit the bullet and just shared what I was feeling, right then and there.

It wasn’t all perfect & polished [hello fellow perfectionists] but it worked.

Not only did it lead to feeling more relieved instantly but I fell asleep like a baby that night and woke up feeling as if someone kickstarted my heart to a whole new outlook.

One of my best friends gave me a solid piece of advice that shook him out of a deep depression.

He said most of the time his life is 90% great.

There are stresses for sure but nothing that should make life not worth living….but sometimes when that 10% stings so hard our brains only want to focus on that and our hearts go heywire.

Time to check myself.

So what was my ultimate epiphany you ask?

What is that stupid simple solution that worked so well for me, time & time again?

Here it is…

Expression: When I’m feeling those scary dark thoughts and I can feel myself going down the rabbit hole it’s time to share how I feel to someone. You’d be surprised how common these feelings are to…well…everyone on our f*cking planet.

Meditation: Get out those prayer beads [I’m just playing…but you do you homie]. Sitting still for “x” amount of time gave me the space to breath things out and chill. It shined light on the moments I REACTED to things when I should have RESPONDED instead.

Awareness: I’m no Dali Lama…don’t want to be either [ you’ve got that spot for this lifetime you highness…*reincarnation joke*]…but being aware of whats truly going on around you like every time I wakeup on Monday I’m miserable or when my boss calls or emails me I feel my heart sink to my stomach…then something is there that needs to be examined. Check yo self!

I’m no mental health professional just a guy seeking out true freedom in life and a sense of deep wellbeing [we all deserve that…not being a guy but freedom and wellbeing]

The next time you find yourself stuck in a rut do yourself a favor, grab a paper & pen and write out exactly what you’re feeling or talk it out [EXPRESSION], find some space to meditate, and pat yourself on the back for becoming more aware.

If you need help take no shame in finding a mental health professional near you.

You deserve the love and spiritual/emotional wellbeing as everyone else.

I love you.

Thanks for reading.


The truth won’t always make me money but I have an ethical obligation to let you know! ❤



The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

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