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Dear Brain: A Neglected Muscle Or A Brilliant Gift?

The Mind, the true final frontier of humanity.

According to an article written by James Gorman of The New York Times states that research on the brain is surging. The National Health Institute (2014), which already spends $4.5 billion a year on research, consulted the top neuroscientists in the country to frame its role in an initiative announced under President Obama to concentrate on developing a fundamental understanding of the brain.

Yet the growing body of data — maps, atlases and so-called connectomes that show linkages between cells and regions of the brain — represents a paradox of progress, with the advances also highlighting great gaps in understanding.

With all this data and all this research, is the mind merely a neglected muscle so "far-out" to be understood or a gift of a building block far greater than everything we've ever known?

Are we required to climb the Mountain of Sinai to contemplate the grand nature of this beautiful gift?

I've come to terms that the emotional plane plays a large role in the paradigms that the mind brings about.

In the era of social extremism and narratives played out solely on emotions, we still want, rather demand, the mind to be the means of fulfilling everything we desire, right?

Let's check our emotions for a moment.

All emotionally heightened activity can be destructive to the body in my opinion. The emotion of hate is just as bad as poison or toxic gas.

Maria Cohut of Medical News Today recently released an article correlating that new research uncovers fresh evidence to suggest that frequent exposure to negative emotions may have an important impact on the functioning of the immune system.

The idea that we can have a strong body and corrupt mindset is absolutely unrealistic.

With an attitude of gratitude, as cliché as that sounds, allows a prime functioning to unfold throughout our existence.

A drop of gratitude may be the shift to grace our existence that this powerful tool in our heads requires.

The mind that gets us into trouble, the mind that gets us out of trouble, and the mind that keeps us automating between one and another for the entirety of our hell of an instrument, right?

The penalty of a misdeed is misery - the price of a good deed is intelligence. Use the faculties that you have as they've been intended to be used and my dear you'll surely benefit from them.

If we don't have an access to a grand map the paints the big picture to navigate our glorious minds then let's use emotional cues as slight sparks to gain a peak beyond the vail.

Build this tool with stillness.

Build this tool with awareness.

Build this tool with meditation.

As emotions flee and empty, the mind remains forever.

One who consider their mind as the basis of his life is a true human being. One who leaves their mind to its whims and fancies is, in reality, a monkey and not a human being. (Sai Baba)

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